• Established in 2004, the mission of Citrus Training Solutions was to ‘…ensure a skilled workforce in the main sector we specialise in, Health and Social Care, in the Adult and Children provision. To give access to funding in line with the Care Quality Commission Standards.’

    Today, we are rapidly establishing ourselves as a market leader in England and Northern Ireland delivering quality training to various Sectors including Health & Social Care, Children and Young People’s Services, Business Administration, Team Leading & Management as well as Customer Services.

    Training with Citrus Training Solutions increases the skill-set of individuals and adds value to organisations. We work closely with employers to cater our training to meet the needs of the services they cover and ensure that the workforce has skills that allow them to excel within their field. We firmly believe in supporting our learners to develop within their career and to enjoy their learning along the way.

  • We are a Community Interest Company that works for the benefit of communities and businesses across London. We provide a range of services to our members within the learning and skills sector across London. Our membership is drawn from Voluntary and Community Sector learning providers and other learning and skills delivery partnerships.

    Our members represent the most disadvantaged groups in the region and deliver services in a holistic manner providing a bespoke package of learning, skills and support within a transitional framework.

    Vision: Improving prosperity for all through learning
    Mission: To deliver the best opportunities together
    We value:
    Our communities of learning and our responsibilities to them
    Our customers’ aspirations
    Our people and their contributions
    Quality and innovation in the work that we do

  • The company is dedicated to providing flexibly delivered quality learning, education and training opportunities to those seeking employment, to skill, up-skill and multi-skill within all trade areas. Across Cityworks we work directly with job seekers, young people and businesses to match the needs of both employee and employer. We believe in Hull and the surrounding area, and our people within our communities. We provide that essential link between employers and their employees.